Choice Writing

Logan Eschliman
Choice Writing

He grew up scared.
Scared of people,
Scared of anything that crawled.
He was scared to face the world.
His name was Cooper

Cooper grew up in a house
Where he was unable to leave.
He had strict parents
Who were big into punishments.

His parents never really treated him right.
Never being able to hang out with friends,
Go to a movie,
Or be a kid and get in trouble every once in a while.

He never played any sports
Because he was scared of what his parents would say.
He went to school every day,
And always came straight home afterwards.

Cooper never really had the chance to adventure,
His parents would drive him to school and home,
But he never had chances to explore the outdoors.
Childhood was rough for Cooper

Growing up with no siblings helped Cooper.
He had no one else besides his parents bossing him around,
But if he had older siblings,
He would have been able to get to know other kids better.

Cooper grew up in a bubble.
He never wanted to be around other people,
He struggled making friends,
And when people outed talk to him,
He would shy away from conversation.

Cooper never really struggled with school.
He was an above average student,
Which helped him outside of school.
He could analyze the situation before other people.

Cooper showed athletic skills,
But never had the opportunity to play any sports.
He showed an interest in basketball, football, and soccer,
But his parents never really paid any attention to his interests.
This time came for Cooper to attend a college.
He was on a academic scholarship at the University of North Carolina.
He excelled at UNC and majored in chemistry.
Cooper graduated 3rd in his class with an average GPA of 3.89.

Cooper never really visited his parents back home,
he would rarely attend Christmas or Thanksgiving with the family.
He never called them,
Never really talked to them in any way.

Cooper learned to love life after college.
He made many friends,
Found a good job,
Where he met many new people,
And spend his days loving life and not being scared anymore.


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