Speaking and Presenting

(Start in the middle of the room) Hi, my name is Logan Eschliman and when I was younger I remember the glory days of “snack time,” but sadly as we continued to become older, the so called snack time continued to vanish each year until we no longer had snack time. Thus we would starve from breakfast to lunch each and every day. Here we are now in high school and nothing has change. For most of us we are unable to make it through the first half of the day without a snack or 2. We try to cram the snacks in during our passing periods, but sometimes that just isn’t enough time to fulfill our hunger needs. (Walk to other side of room)
So the big question, should students be allowed to eat during class or not? There are some who think students should be allowed to and some who do not think they should be allowed to. Now since I am a student who does not make it from breakfast to lunch without at least 1 snack in between I think that yes students should be allowed to eat during class, but only during certain times in the class. I do also however understand what some are saying about it being distracting and disrespectful. Debate.org and gizem say and I quote “students shouldn’t be allowed to eat during the lesson!” This I completely agree with. I believe that it is completely disrespectful to the teacher and what he or she is trying to teach to the kids. The teachers should not allow the kids to eat during the lesson, but rather perhaps during a work time in class or during a break that the teacher may give them. Lolipoptheinvader and debate.org say and I quote “lets say a student eats in class time and a bit spills. No probs right the cleaner will clean it. WRONG cleaners are not our personal slaves.” I also agree with this statement. If teachers allow students to eat during his or her class then that student should be responsible for cleaning up his or her mess after they are done. (Walk to other side of the room)
There are some people who actually think students should be allowed to eat during class. Kiki.dodson45 and debate.org say and I quote “Students can’t concentrate on their studies when they are hungry. They often tend to keep glancing at the clock.” When students look at the clock more than they look at the teacher when the teacher is trying to teach it becomes very hard for that student or those students to learn and retain all the information they may need for an upcoming test or quiz. Former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says and I quote “when students are hungry and distracted, they’re not learning.” When kids are hungry all they are able to think about is when they will finally have something to eat. This means that they are physically in the class but not mentally. They are not receiving important information from the lesson that is currently being taught to them.
Students deal with a lot of stress daily with school demanding a large amount of attention so the student is able to keep the GPA that their parents demand of them and the college of their dream demands of them. Communityhealthmagazine.com and Michael Murray say and I quote “Teachers are more demanding, especially since they are rated on how well their students perform.” If students are not succeeding in a class the blame is given to the teachers not to the students. Michael Murray also says and I quote “…more students are involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities where coaches and club advisors also demand a lot.” Sports and other team organizations require lots of time and dedication so the team is able to be the best they can be. When I played with a soccer club called Elite Player Academy I spent every Tuesday and Thursday night at the field for practices. We would practice in rain or shine during the fall season . During the winter season we would continue to have 2 practices a week and they expected you to be there even if you were playing a winter sport.Again Michael Murray says and I quote “Parents add to the pressure, expecting their children to be at their best. In order to keep up the pace, and be in top me(n)tal and physical condition, students constantly need to keep their bodies fueled, making proper nutrition and hydration a must.” Parents always want the best for us but sometimes it may seem like they want too much from us.
For me, being able to have a snack during class work time helps me be more productive and most times it actually helps me think of something to add to either an essay for a certain class, a class presentation I may have to give, or even studying for a test. I feel as if it helps me personally become more rejuvenated and relaxed so I am not always worrying about what I am going to write for this essay or how I will ever manage to finish the presentation before the class. As an athlete with a busy schedule throughout the whole school year, having to do homework every night, and still trying to attain 7-8 hours of sleep a night, it just doesn’t always happen that I am able to eat a decent supper and a decent breakfast. I know for a fact that I do not ever eat a decent breakfast. I am always eating in my car on my way to school because I prefer to sleep the extra 10 minutes rather than sit down at home and eat a full meal every morning. (Walk to middle of room)
In conclusion, I believe that students should be allowed to eat during class as long as they are not eating full meals, and just a little snack. But I also feel that the students should respect the teachers and their rules. If the teacher does not want the students to eat in their class room then the students should respect that teachers decision and not try to sneak a snack during that class. If you do not eat during one class period I think you will survive. That also doesn’t mean that you should dislike that teacher just because he or she doesn’t allow you to eat during class. Also you shouldn’t like another teacher better than a different one because he or she actually lets you eat during class.


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