Hi, my name is Logan Eschliman and I am a sophomore at Lincoln Lutheran. This page is a page that will give you a little more information about myself and what I enjoy doing in my everyday life. First I enjoy playing sports such as Soccer and golf because I enjoy learning more about my teammates and getting to know them better while I get to play the sports I love. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, volunteering around the community, and enjoying time with friends as often as I am able to. I love to camp and be outdoors with no technology around and just enjoying life with friends or even by myself. I love to lay outside at night and look at the stars because it is very relaxing and it allows me to take a look at my life and how I can make it better.

My favorite subject in school is Math because it for the most part is not all that difficult, but at times it is not always my favorite class. I want to go in the field chemistry once I am out of high school because it interests me a lot with what you do in the field of chemistry. I am not always a fan of Histroy classes because they do not always interest me that much because of the time periods we talk about. I like writing papers or poems that relate to something that is currently happening in my life and how I am able to relate the subject of the writing piece that we do.

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