Personal Assessment

Weight of Passing

Met objective

I thought this piece fit the requirements because we were suppose to talk about an adversity in our life. This was a pretty big adversity that I faced for a while when my grandpa had passed the same year as many other passings around Lincoln Lutheran. I think that this piece of writing could have been better in how I could have showed the events more than just tell about the events. I feel like I have met the objective of the assignment, but could still do a lot of work to make the piece a way better piece than it was originally. I feel like I came a long way from when I began writing that piece that I am proud of. I felt as if my voice was pretty good throughout most of the story, but I woul still get caught up in telling instead of trying to show my story.


New Year, Same Outcome (Big Picture revisions and small revisions)

Mastered Objective

I thought this story was a good one for not having much time to write it. I felt as if there were areas that were good, but there were a lot of areas where I could have used better voice and tried harder to show the event. There were times where I thought I just told the story without trying to use words that would show the event and how everyone was feeling who was involved in the event. I felt like I could have tried to make the event seem more interesting and add a lot more detail to the writing so it wouldn’t seem as boring as I thought it seemed. There are many areas where I can still improve on to make the story better and make it a more fun story to read and for others to listen to.


Pregnant Teens  (Academic Writing)

Met objective

This piece was one of my better ones, but there were still a lot of work I could have done with this writing. Overall it was a good piece that had lots of good qualities, and there wasn’t a whole lot of disorganization. This was a big improvement from my rough draft that had lots of unorganized topics that were just kind of thrown into the paper, not really knowing where I should have placed them, or in what order they should have gone in. There were still many revisions I could have made to make the piece better and even more organized than it was.


Sympathetically, wonderfully, spontaneous  (Close reading and analysis)

Continue working

This was not a very good piece that I wrote for the book Julius Caesar. This book was not very interesting to me which made it harder to follow along with what was happening. The assignment was also kind of confusing which made it harder for me to write something that was up to what we were suppose to write. This piece could have been so much better if I would have spent a lot more time and effort on making it better and more presentable before it was due. I should have also paid more attention to the book and should have asked more questions about what the project should have looked like.


Soccer  (Grammar and Conventions)

Continue Working

This was not a bad piece and with a little more revisions I think that it has the potential of being a well written piece. In the state that it is currently in, I would never use it as a piece of writing for a class. There are lots of mistakes that need to be fixed, and it needs to be more personal to my life instead of just an overview of what the new season of soccer holds in store for people. This writing could have been something that I could have used for something this year, but it just didn’t fit for the project that I was going to use it for.


Informative Speech (Speaking and Presenting)

Met Objective

This piece of writing was for a speech that I had to give. This was not a bad piece of writing, but there are some areas in which I could have changed and made them better so they sounded more presentable. Overall it was a pretty good piece of writing and it worked for what I had to use it for.

Growing up Scared (Creative Writing)

Met objective

This piece was a pretty good piece of writing I thought. It was a poetry piece that I decided to write just because it was what came to me at the time in which I wrote it. There are still some areas in which if I could have re-done this I would have changed the areas a little bit just to make them better. There are areas where I thought it was strong writing because of my word choice and how I decided to structure some of my sentences.

And Then There Were None (Holistic reading and application)

Continue working

There are many things I would have changed about my case file if I would have taken it more seriously and actually spent the time to do it correctly. It would have also helped if I would have actually read the book and not looked at the end to see who the killer was. The pictures I chose to use were not that bad and they went with the theme of the story pretty well.

Warriors Don’t Cry (Considering author’s craft and style)

Continue working

This was not a bad piece of writing, but there was a lot more I should have done to it to make it better and more accurate for the book. The book was not bad within itself, but it probably would have helped me if I would have actually read the book and not just looked it up online to find out what happens during each chapter. This would have gotten me more into the book so I would have been able to make my writing piece a lot easier at the end.